Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She's baaaack!

Well folks, needless to say, I'm back. A gazillion things have happened since I last posted, including:
I graduated with my Master's degree!
I moved across the country (again)!
I lost 3% body fat!
I quit smoking!
I planned a wedding!
I got married!

But the most important thing that has happened to me deserves more at the moment than a quick bullet point mention (although be prepared for a bit more elaboration on my !marriage! later on). The most important thing that happened to me this past year is my salvation. I was saved! A year ago in October I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Considering my background of Eastern philosophies, this came as an astounding change in my life - one that even I wasn't expecting or anticipating. But He is greater than I, and He chose me as His, and my life has truly changed ever since. I feel Him in every aspect of my life (and with His help I am on the path of quitting smoking permanently). I don't know His purpose for me yet, but I pray that every endeavor in my life, including this blog, will bring Him honor.

With all of this having gone on, I have had little time to write...and boy my fingers are just itching. I imagine it's like being a pianist who hasn't played her piano in over a year. As a (eek! non-)writer, I am feeling dull and a bit boring. And that's going to change right now!

Ladies & gents, I'm back.

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