Jabbercookie Bucket List

Welcome to the List.

-Life & Career-

Earn a Bachelor's Degree | Earn a Master's Degree | Write a novel | Read the whole Bible | Read all of the books on my bookshelf | Dedicate a whole room for a study with wood finishings | Create a Jabbercookie from scratch | Write a cookbook | Crochet a queen-sized afghan | Learn how to crochet lace | Learn how to crochet hats | Learn how to crochet gloves | Run 1 mi. in 7 minutes | Learn basic Korean | Run a highly successful business | Marry my Song Bird | Raise a family | Harvest produce from my own garden | Cook with fresh herbs from my own herb garden | Adopt a doggie | Buy a home | Learn how to make Korean food | Become an early riser | Learn to make Grandma's cherry pie with a made-from-scratch crust | Cook Julia Child's beef bourguignon in my own Le Creuset french oven | Have a White Christmas | Hire a professional painter for a portrait

-Travel & Sightseeing-

Hike up to the Hollywood sign | Hula hoop at an outdoor music festival | See a Broadway play | Cheer for the team at a 49ers game | Swim with dolphins | Ride the ferris wheel at Santa Monica pier | Campfire on the beach | Viva Las Vegas | Eat at a Korean food vendor on the streets of Seoul | Drink piña coladas at an exotic island | Wear a large-brimmed hat at the horse races